Monday, March 5, 2012

Sixteen patch(es)

Lest you think I am all about hand work, I assure you I am not. Machine piecing is my forte. My latest machine stitching project (another long-term one, I'm afraid) is sixteen patches. The working title is Sourdough. Why? Because I bought 8 to 10 fat quarters at a quilt trunk show and once I got them home, I realized they all worked together. Then I added Kaffes, batiks, Australian pieces and others, and the project exploded, just like a sourdough starter out of control! Everything was cut into 2.5-inch strips, sewn together two at a time, cross cut 2.5 inches, turned into four patches, then blocks, four-patch by four-patch.  I have well over 100 blocks done, with 30 or so more to complete.

It's either going to be really, really great quilt top, or a hot mess. Can't wait to see.


Mama Pea said...

Hopping over to visit from Caroll's blog. I love your title for this quilt! It's awesome! Sourdough. So clever, given your reason. I live down in Kazoo. Hope we get to meet up sometime via Caroll!

Connie said...

Great looking blocks! Looking forward to seeing more, Caroll told me about your blog!