Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sunshine quilt

And the quilt is Buddy approved!
I received this quilt (shown above) from my quilting buddies. (We're loosely called the Girl Gang as we used to do Jan Patek's Girl Gang quilts each year). I must say I was completely surprised that they were so thoughtful, and very quick, as the quilt was started and finished in less than 3 weeks! They were trying to help me feel better as I go thru a rollercoaster of treatments the next few months.

And this bit of sunshine is an orchid on my co-worker's desk. It's funny that when people at work are given plants for gifts, they bring them to me to babysit (I have luck keeping them alive). And people bring their orchids from home, too (we have a great window with indirect west light).  We now have 5 orchids in our care. I always thought orchids were tricky to grow, but all I do is water them once a week and make sure they're not standing in water.