Monday, June 2, 2014

Port Huron Treasures

We took a day jaunt to Port Huron this past weekend (it is 3 hours due East of us, and home of the Blue Water Bridge, an entranceway to Canada).   We went to visit and have lunch with a few of my husband's cousins.  I remember this quilt top from a visit 25 years ago to cousin Joanne's home, and she still had it in the same spot! It was made by her grandmother, which makes the top around 100 years old. Love the colors!

Here's a close-up shot.

If you go to Port Huron, you have to go to the water. This is Vantage Point, where the Black River meets the Saint Clair River. Across the way is Canada. The red barge is traversing the Saint Clair River, part of the Saint Lawrence Seaway, heading to Lake Huron and beyond.

 I saw this purse hanging on the wall near a pottery classroom at Studio 1219 Art Gallery. I think it was the teacher's purse, but I'm not sure.

I did not touch the purse, but can you see the rolled fabric with black behind it? I'm quite sure they used a single jersey knit. That rolling of cut jersey edges drives you nuts when trying to make a t-shirt.  The artist used it to their advantage in this piece. Love the colors and the style!