Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Baby quilt done!

What, you didn't know I was working on a baby quilt? 
Well, I whipped this one together in a week, when I found out at the last minute that the shower was in one week. (Hey shower planning people: Did you ever hear of a little advanced warning for the poor sewing lady?)

I bought this cute set of printed blocks late last year and had it on hand, knowing the baby was due in May.  My niece found out she was having a girl, and the new mom really likes pink, so I thought it would work well.  It could really work with many colors of sashing.

I usually don't buy printed panels, but this one was so darned cute! It is "Hello World" from Cori Dantini. I cut the blocks apart, squared them up best I could (they are 10.5 by 11.5 inches), added the sashing and cornerstones, and simply quilted it.

Birdie block
Lion block

And this Lenten Rose had better get it's act together and bloom, because Lent is almost over! It usually blooms early to mid-March.  Actually, this poor plant in my rock garden was still covered with over a foot of "roof snow" just 2 weeks ago. What is roof snow? That's snow that gets hurriedly shoveled off the roof in a big pile after you hear report after report of multiple home and business roofs collapsing due to excess snow weight.