Thursday, August 9, 2012

Crazy Quilt at Indy

In a recent trip to Indianapolis, a thousand or so diabetes educators were invited to an event at the Indiana State Museum, very close to downtown.

Even though the event was about diabetes and not about quilts, I was still hoping there would be a few more quilts out on display. I know they can't keep all the quilts out because they would deteriorate faster from light and moisture.  (Last year the museum hosted the Frugal and Fancy Indiana Quilts Exhibit Jan thru July 2011; click here to see some of the quilts, many from the mid-1800's).

This crazy quilt above was dated in the 1850's, and the velvets and silks appeared to be in beautiful condition. (Sorry for the blurry iphone photo; we may have had a drink or two prior to our tour. Plus, the closest we could get was about 8 feet from the quilt).  I was not with quilters, so I got to explain what was meant by crazy quilting and how crazy quilting and stitchery was done mainly by well-to-do women who had the time and the means to do fancy work.

There was one more quilty thing there; a well-preserved feed sack (still sewn as a sack) in lavender with white daisies. I got to explain about that, too.

Don't you just love that green Mickey Mouse chair? (I'm sure there is a fancier name for that style of chair; anyone know?)

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