Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Spring finally sprung

Sorry, no quilting for the past couple of weeks, due to the top priority of getting the taxes done and e-filed prior to the April 15th deadline.  Lots of shredding and filing done, so my paperwork should be organized for at least a week. Or two.

The proof that spring has sprung, despite measurable snow last Sunday: Crocuses popping up everywhere.

The hen and chicks are waking up in the rock garden.

The Lenten roses are about a month late (probably because of snow cover), but they are blooming in the cold.  The flowers always hang down, with the faces looking at the ground.

The plant catalog shows the flowers like this (aren't they pretty?), but you hardly ever see them this way unless you pick them up and take a peek at their faces.

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Maureen said...

How lovely to see your photos of the crocuses, can't grow them here in Auckland NZ as we don't have a cold enough Winter, but I do have the Lenten Rose in my garden - the same colour as the one you have.