Monday, May 19, 2014

Spring is Here 2014!

Here's a shot of my "freebie" Jack-in-the-Pulpit that is getting bigger each year.  As you may recall, it just appeared in my garden a few years ago and I'm happy it's here!

This is my "back from the dead" bleed hearts plant in the rock garden! I thought I had lost it for good about 3 years ago, but last year a little sprout appeared, and this year it's flowering again!

I lost at least one of my long-standing columbines to the cold winter, so I had to find a replacement. Isn't this one cute? I think it's a double flower because it doesn't have the standard columbine shape.

And last but not least, a first for our neighborhood pond. Baby geese! (See the yellow fuzz balls behind mom and dad?)  We don't see a lot of baby ducks or geese because our pond is a little to "hub-bubby" with lots of kids playing in the water.  But this year we lucked out.  The Geese family has even been walking up to our bird feeder area (about 20 feet from the pond) and scrounging around for leftovers. Fun!

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Exuberant Color said...

All of my Jack in the Pulpits are freebies from my neighbor too. I haven't photographed them yet. I love your new Columbine. Several of mine made it through the winter, especially the one in the crack of the sidewalk on the north side.