Sunday, May 13, 2012

Self-seedy, sometimes weedy

As with any garden, you have to be willing to yank (or dig) out the plants that no longer suit you or that try to take over.  We spent at least an hour yesterday pulling forget-me-nots that were past their prime. Don't year's blooming plants are in place and plenty of seeds fell so we'll have lots of little blue blooms in a couple of years, too.

Entrance to our backyard.
Mystery columbine. Showed up a couple years ago next to the fence. I'm leaving it there.

Dames rocket. Was part of a wildflower mix we planted when we first moved in to the house quite a few years ago. It moves itself around (via seed) but I haven't had to pull much of it.

Second bloom on my freebie Jack-in-the-pulpit.

Yes, weedy. The last of the Forget-me-nots in the yard waste cart!

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