Sunday, July 29, 2012

16-Patch progress and Fuchsia adventures

Buddy approves! He immediately claimed the partly sewn quilt top.

I put it on the bed to see if I had the size right before adding the inner border (red). Nope, I need one more row. After the inner border is added, I will add two more rows of 16-patches all the way around (the top may get three or four rows to allow for pillow tucking).

See how nice my over-wintered fuchsia has turned out? The variety is "Spider Red". I have both pots in almost total shade, so it hasn't hurt from the heat. But when I took the photos I spied nasty Japanese beetles all over one of my plants, so I had to do something drastic.

I put a little cooking oil in a container and knocked those beetles in. They don't survive long in the oil. I collected at least 40 of them over the afternoon. I may not win the war on beetles, but at least there are fewer chewing on my plants!

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Exuberant Color said...

I LOVE that checkerboard quilt! I have never had luck with a fuchsia but I love them. Maybe next year I will try one again. Thanks for the tip of the cooking oil for the beetles.