Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Famous last words ("Oh, it's easy")

I got the completed blocks from everyone last Friday, and said I would whip them together and have them back on Monday, sewn together and ready for the quilter.


A few oopses got in the way:

  • An oopsie block that needed to be resewn.

I wonder what someone was drinking when they sewed this one!

  • The discovery, when laying out the blocks on my "design floor" that something was terribly wrong. The zig zag was not going horizontal or vertical in a straight line; the zigging line was going diagonally.

Buddy with the uphill zigs.

  • After sketching the block out again and studying the quilt that inspired this one, I realized there are two distinct blocks in the Tennessee Lightning quilt. So, in order to get the zigs to zag correctly, I had to reconfigure half of the blocks. That took a good part of the weekend.

Two separate blocks in the properly zig zagging quilt. No, these do not flip around and become the other block. Ask me how I know.

I think I jinxed myself when I told everyone who was working on blocks (most of them less experienced than me) that this block was "easy". What could go wrong with simple half square triangles?

I finished sewing the Tennessee lightning baby quilt top together last night and handed it off to Deb P today, who will bring it to our quilter.

I'll show photos of the completed quilt top and quilt back tomorrow. Can I have a nap now?

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Exuberant Color said...

I'm glad you showed this because I thought all of the blocks were alike too - didn't realize you needed mirrow image blocks. This helps with the pressing though, all left blocks pressed to the right and down, all the right blocks pressed to the left and up, then they will all lock into place when sewing blocks together.