Monday, July 23, 2012

Playing with color

Just a sampling of blocks up on my small design wall.
Well, I knew I was the Queen of Overcutting, but really! In the beginning (last summer), I figured I needed to cut enough 2.5 strips to make 130 to 150 16-patch blocks for a queen-sized quilt (depending on borders), but I cut and cut and cut, and I still have unused strips left.

The blocks are done now; guess how many I made (using the clues above). Nope, not 150. Nope, not 175. How about 186! I think I have enough spares for another quilt...

The working title is Sourdough; I started with 6 or 7 key fabrics and kept adding to them as I found fabrics in my stash that went with the rest. It continues to be a sourdough, with a starter for another.

My daylillies seem to be enjoying all the 90-plus degree days!

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