Monday, April 16, 2012

Aunt Pat's Quilt

Aunt Pat is not a quilter, but she appreciates quilts given to her (a fine trait). Pat slept under this quilt when she was a young girl, and the quilt has been well-loved. Her grandmother, Anna May Nice, from Indianapolis, Indiana, made her this wedding ring quilt, we're guessing, in the early to mid 1950's.

Why do I have it? Because this quilt was about ready to fall apart, some 60 years later, and Aunt Pat asked me pretty please to repair it (only for her...) I have replaced quite a number of ring segments with found fabric (if it looked similar to the fabrics in the quilt, I used it).  I also added some very fine fusible knit interfacing (and batting) to the back where there were holes (and where the original batting was gone).

You can see the pinned segments that still need to be appliqu├ęd in place (to cover a hole, a rip, or a shredded piece). Once these pieces are done, then I plan to add a false back (a soft white muslin), tie it with white perle cotton thread (less conspicuous) and redo the binding.  I'm hoping to turn it over to Aunt Pat this fall when she comes to Michigan for a visit. (Yikes.)

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Marit said...

What a beauty! And very well loved, too. I think you are a hero for rescuing this!