Saturday, April 28, 2012

Garden shots

I love the leaf pattern in this coral bells plant. I don't know the flower color, but it doesn't really matter --  the leaves are so colorful!

Mr. Jack-in-the-pulpit showed up in my garden about five years ago. For the first three years, all I had was the leaves, and I was so hoping I had a freebie trillium. In year four I found out I had Jack.  I thought I lost it last summer when the tree guys dropped a tree section directly on the plant (my husband declared it a goner). But here it is again!

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imquilternity said...

Those coral bell leaves ARE gorgeous!! What a great color combination. They remind me of Philip Jacobs fabrics. I think you are lucky to have "Jack" since I knew get to see them out our way. We have the great weather and you guys have the great plants! :)