Sunday, April 15, 2012

Overwintered Geranium and Fuchsias

This is my one and only geranium that I rescued from a hardware store parking lot display almost 3 years ago (for 5 bucks I couldn't resist).  I overwintered it last year with success, and again this year. I don't think it normally would be blooming at this point, but it had a vacation outside when we had those 2 weeks of 80-degree weather in mid-March, and this is what happened.  All I did since last September is give it one cup of water a week.

My "spider" fuchsias don't look as pretty, but they are due for a trimming and will go out into the garden again in mid-May. This is my third year for the one in the back, and first year for the one in the front. These, too, got one cup of water a week.  This east-facing room is about 60 degrees all winter, and the plants seem to like it OK.

Rock garden view from the deck
View from the fence (you can see the three types of coral bells better).

Rosie fishing for mice while I fish for weeds (plenty of both to be had)

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Exuberant Color said...

Your rock garden is so pretty. I had quite a few hostas nipped by the frost so they aren't looking so good.